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New York – Shanghai
Graphic Design, Visual Art,
Creative Technology

Worked In
Transwhite Studio
Office of Paul Sahre
abC Art Book Fair Shanghai

J.Walter Thompson Shanghai 

Worked With
Artist Chika Iijima
Artist Qin Xu, Ancient Future, 808: Studio
CEIBS, The Gobi Challenge Team

KW The Ridgewood Jacket
    The Ridgewood Jacket project is intended to celebrate the faux wood-grained doors in the Ridgewood, NY community, primarily painted by 77-year-old local craftsman Ferdinand Tschinkel

    Ferdinand Tschinkel


    The Ridgewood Jacket falls under Karlssonwilker's label KWOTUS, collaborating with Ferdinand by utilizing the cut-out woodboard version of the jacket pattern as the canvas for painting.

    I worked throughout the entire production process under the direction of Jan Wilker and Conner Muething. The project was featured on NewYork CURBED Magazine, US.

    Proun Society
      Identity, Typography

    Collaborated with 808: Studio (Sixin Chen & Shukang Yu)

    Proun Society is a virtual haute couture based in the United States founded by Edwin Mohney. It breaks through limitations using virtual technology and reconstructs the history of fashion. 

    808: has created a set of virtual fonts and scenes for the brand, crafting a visual context for non-textual applications with familiar strokes.


    They Might Be Giants BOOKBook and editorial design for They Might Be Giants' new album BOOK special packaging version, created with IBM Selectric III and 10 typeballs. Worked with Woojoo Lim under art direction from Paul Sahre during the time at the Office of Paul Sahre.

    Project featured on PRINT Magazine
    Steven Heller in THE DAILY HELLER 
    Bill McCool in TYPOGRAPHY

    Grammy 2023 Best Record Package nominated
    2023 GRAMMY Nominations
    Graphic Design Icon Paul Sahre

    Water, VJ 20231118 @XProject.space
    VJ set for XProject at Gymnopedie Brooklyn with visual experiments in water using Unreal Engine.

    Performed on Nov 18th, 2023.

    DJ: Yuxuan Qi
    Host: X Project
    Space: Gymnopedie Brooklyn

    Photo:  Keer Zhao, Zeshu Zhu
    Video: Audrey Chou, Yi-Chun Lan, Sharan

    Documentation WIP, for more info click here


    In Between The WindowIn Between The Window is a digital interactive installation and an ongoing research project, exploring urban sound and visual spectacles in downtown Brooklyn. By reconfiguring and recreating the light projected by the glass curtain wall, this installation tries to reshape with the industrialized modernist landscape and to discover those underlying, vivid, and rhythmic urban space.

    Project collaborated with Yuxuan Qi
    Text/Edit by Chirui Cheng

    Project exhibited at 
    NYU ITP 2022 Winter Show

    CICA Museum, Seoul KR

    NYU ITP 2022 Winter Show
    In December 2022, IN BETWEEN THE WINDOW was officially presented to the public at New York University’s ITP Winter Exhibition. The location of the exhibition at NYU’s Tisch School in downtown Brooklyn was uniquely significant for the project.

    During the event, the audience was highly interested in the visual presentation and light effects of the project, and it provoked thoughts and discussions from a variety of perspectives and created a meaningful dialog in the community.

    Brand Identity: Ancient Future
    Brand designer for jewlery brand Ancient Future under creative direction from founder Qin Xu since 2022.

    Designed all kinds of graphic materials for seasonal campaign logo types, promotion lookbook, brandbook and webpages.

    KW White Suits A series of custom suits was designed for entertainers, rock stars, and other luminaries of the limelight. The suit series originated as a continuation to a gift—a suit—for the infamous Mexican ufologist Jaime Maussan, which was featured in karlssonwilker’s previous UDEM Exhibition.

    Each suit was accompanied by boots, a hat, and an intricately embroidered shirt, crafted using heat-pressed vinyl and spray paint. I hand-produced the entire series, ironing acrylic on white suits, while working under the direction from Jan Wilker and Connor Muething.

    Work featured
    GusGus Music World Tour 2021, Iceland

    GusGus Music World Tour 2021
    Slicing GrapefruitA New Book of Instruction and Drawings derived from book Grapefruit: A Book of Instruction and Drawings (1964) . This new book deconstructs and reintegrates the instructions from Grapefruit, written by Yoko Ono.

    Title Sequence: Propaganda, a Y.M.O filmA title sequence that pay tribute to the movie YMO Propaganda (1984), an experimental music documentary from Y.M.O.

    Work featured
      AI-AP Int’l Motion Art Awards 9 (Winning Piece)

    SEI 06
    Interactive light installation at New York Hall of Science produced for/under directions from artist Chika IIjima (CHIKA).

    CHIKA wrote: 
    SEI06 is the sixth installation in the SEI series. It was conceived as an integral part of both the MI and GO projects, which were first developed in 2022 at the Paseo Project Artist in Residence program in Taos, New Mexico. This work received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts and was made possible with technical support from Madmapper and Garagecube.  

    When inactive, SEI06 displays seven colors, resembling a rainbow. When activated, the lights respond to movement by gracefully shifting, resulting in a playful display of colorful shapes.