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(Temporary Space)  Pt.2: Installation
(Temporary Spaces) is a research project consisting of a video, an installation and a print. It is an ongoing study centered around design systems, using urban systems as the entry point for the current research.

As a designer, I prioritize creating structured and efficient environments. Yet, there's value in elements that transcend these boundaries. There is an urgent need for temporary spaces, bypassing the wait for revised design systems, and parallels patching designed systems. The allure of these spaces lies not only in their immediacy but also in their profound impact on the urban landscape(or any designed systems). They serve as unexpected interjections, challenging the established norms of systematic design. These spaces captivate me, prompting an exploration of them across locations.

Through exploring and documenting different kinds of temporary and non-permanent spaces in urban construction, the project wants to arouse people's attention and curiosity about some seemingly permanent and inevitable things around our daily lives.

The other parts of the research could be found here:
Pt.1: Video

Photo credit to Lingyi Li

Installation was included in the group show “A Window at A Space”  in A Space Gallery