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In Memory of Issei SudaStep into a fascinating journey through the lens of Mr. Issei Suda (1940-2019), a highly respected street photographer who skillfully documented Japan's transformative period in the 1960s. Witness the cultural change Japan underwent as it absorbed Western culture and the intermingling of traditional and modern life.

Suda's keen eye captured the vibrancy of the communities of the era, probably due to his work as a photographer for Shūji Terayama's experimental theater, Tenjō Sajiki. His photographs show a world of people playing and performing in the streets.

In this artistic exploration, I aim to embody the vitality of Suda's work, creating the concept of "street theater. The work weaves together neighborhoods and streets to create a seamless scroll that takes us back to the streets of Japan from 60s to 80s. I created a coherent photographic landscape of Suda's work and then enhance the layers of streets through projection mapping, intersecting different moments in the streetscape and inviting the viewer to stroll through a time of cultural interplay characterized by playful exploration.