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New York – Shanghai
Graphic Design, Visual Art,
Creative Technology

Worked In
Transwhite Studio
Office of Paul Sahre
abC Art Book Fair Shanghai

J.Walter Thompson Shanghai 

Worked With
Artist Chika Iijima
Artist Qin Xu, Ancient Future, 808: Studio
CEIBS, The Gobi Challenge Team

Water, VJ 20231118 @XProject.space
VJ set for XProject at Gymnopedie Brooklyn with visual experiments in water using Unreal Engine.

Performed on Nov 18th, 2023.

DJ: Yuxuan Qi
Host: X Project
Space: Gymnopedie Brooklyn

Photo:  Keer Zhao, Zeshu Zhu
Video: Audrey Chou, Yi-Chun Lan, Sharan

Documentation WIP, for more info click here