Slicing Grapefruit:
1. New Instruction Book
2. Data Bank Site

Apr 2020

1. New Instruction Book

A New Book of Instruction and Drawings
derived from Yoko Ono’s Grapefruit.

This book deconstructs and reintegrates
the instructions from Grapefruit, written
by Yoko Ono.

Selected the instructions from the first
and second chapters of the source book
by breaking down the sentences into their

Then put the material in a table and rearrange
the content according to the number of times
they appear in their category by using the
statistics function.

After the rearrangement, a tabular report
is provided sorted by order of the words’
frequency. Then by using the original method
of breaking down instructions backwards,
the order made by the frequency provides
a new instructional book.

Made the long and thin-form for the
new instruction book based on each row
of the table which not only establishes
the structure of the book at the beginning,
but also shows one instruction per page.


2. Data Bank Site

By using Grapefruit Rearrangement Sheet
made in the process of the yellow thin book,
build a data bank for all the instructions.

The guest will get instructions generated
from the time they entered this site based
on the data bank.

The guest could also deconstruct and trace
back the instruction they got.

Through these interactions between the guest
and the data bank, the guest could not only
get through the original book by Yoko Ono
but also experience the instruction art more




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