Ritual: Elevator To 37
I added a ritual to my life and continued doing for two months to see what I could get out of it. I lived on the 37th floor of my apartment, and I spent 5 minutes waiting for the elevator every day. I try to create, review and discover from everyday life.

What is more important in this project is the process. I reintegrated the data displayed on the screen of each elevator after sorting out the photos I took. These data are then continuously transformed into images, audio, video. The transformations always bring me to question and rethink the relationship between form and content.

Sep 2019 ︎︎︎ Apr 2020

Project Documentation Video

Project Process

Ritual Records

After I pushed the elevator button.
When the elevator arrived.

Spread Sheet

Data Carried: Date/Day/Time/Floors/Moving Direction/Arrived Car


Data Visualization

Horizontal Axis Floors ︎︎︎  
Vertical Axis Dates︎︎︎. 
︎ Car1  ︎ Car2  ︎ Car3  ︎ Car4

bring data visualization into DAW



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