A Mascot Proposal

Create a mascot for a small public space.

Collaborated with
Ming Hsun Yu ︎ 

Chosen Location
Two corners on Roosevelt Island under
the Roosevelt Island Bridge ︎

After spending an afternoon wandering on
Roosevelt Island, we decided to pick two
corners that sit next to each other under
the Roosevelt Island Bridge, and developed
a mascot for each.

Online Google Slide Version ︎

May 2020


Corner 1

Corner 2

What drew our attention at first sight was the relationship
between the space and forms in both corners.

In Corner 1
The cargo container was like a matrix aroun which the
surrounding objects simulate it form—a cuboid, and the
other stacked object all seemed to be unused or broken
traffic control equipment such as lamps, bricks, signages,

In Corner 2
The parking ring is like a mother cat who’s breastfeeding
her bike-cats. The bikes shared a ring/cylinder form with
the parking ring.

Also, we found these objects were mostly in groups.
Like schools of fish or flocks of birds in a community.

With all these in mind, we held onto the concep of seeing
them as two different communitie who share their own value
and form within each space while owning their individual

Interactive Mascot 
Move with your 🐭 please!

Corner 1

Corner 2

We created a mascot for each corner, using a universal unit
across them. To represent differen species in the same
community may be formed similarly but still have their own
characteristic, we made the mascot changeble.

Corner 1
The mascot is a net of a cuboid, which is a 2D shape that
can be folded into a cuboid.

Corner 2
The mascot is a net of a cylinder, which is a 2D shape that
can be folded into a cylinder.

Interactive Mascot based on p5js. library

Graphic Catalog

We built a graphic catalog for each corner by applying
the universal unit into different species in their community.

Corner 1

Corner 2

3D Model


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