Androgynous Type Study
The project was inspired by the idea of androgynous,
“What is most beautiful in virile men is something
feminine; what is most beautiful in feminine women
is something masculine.”

With the willingness of applying it into type, I started
in Chinese characters and English alphabet with
explorations on square shape and round shape that
simply represent the two genders.

Apr 2020

Androgynous = 雌雄同体(cǐ xióng tóng tǐ)
Trials on character 雌(cǐ).

Trials in English Alphabet.

Shifting the gender of the letter forms through tracing the first alphabet draft in different ways.

After digitized the forms and combined the in different
ways, I printed the digitized version out and played with
the form with ink and othe materials to make the letter
forms more alive.


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